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The Digiday Technology Awards recognize the technology modernizing media and marketing. Over the years, we’ve honored industry-leading work from Adobe, SpotX, Twitch and Piano.

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Last Chance Deadline: August 27

$699 per entry

All deadlines end at 11:59 p.m. PST

Shortlist Announcement: October 5


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Best Social Marketing Platform

Awarding the tool or platform that best manages and scales post creation and publication.

2020 Winner:



2019 Winner:


Best Buy-Side Programmatic Platform

Awarding the leading buy-side platform for programmatic advertising.

2020 Winner:


Best Sell-Side Programmatic Platform

Awarding the leading sell-side platform for programmatic advertising.

2020 Winner:


Best Video Ad Server

Awarding the leading ad serving solution for video.


    Best Content Marketing Platform

    Awarding the best content marketing software for content creation, management, distribution and beyond.

    2020 Winner:



    2019 Winner:


    Best Content Management System

    Awarding the CMS platform that most efficiently manages and displays content across the web.

    2020 Winner:



    2019 Winner:


    Best Content Syndication Platform

    Awarding the leading platform for brands and publishers to grow their audience, establish thought leadership and build awareness through content syndication.


      Best CRM Platform

      Awarding the best CRM software for managing customer data, interactions and relationships.

      2020 Winner:



      2019 Winner:


      Best Influencer Marketing Platform

      Awarding the influencer marketing platform most effectively syndicating content across platforms to reach brand objectives.

      2020 Winner:



      2019 Winner:


      Best Marketing Automation Platform

      Awarding the technology platform that has been most effective in automating marketing processes.

      2020 Winner:



      2019 Winner:


      Best Marketing Analytics Platform

      Awarding the analytics platform that has been most effective in measuring the traffic or engagement marketing channels produce.

      2020 Winner:



      2019 Winner:


      Best Social Analytics Platform

      Awarding the tool or platform that best manages and scales measurement and insights.


        Best Cookieless Identification Technology

        Awarding the technology that best serves as an alternate identifier of users.


          Best Sign-On Technology

          Awarding the best sign-on technology for identifying users.


            Best Personalization & A/B Testing Platform

            Awarding the leading optimization, personalization and testing platform.

            2020 Winner:



            2019 Winner:


            Best IN-STORE Technology

            Awarding the technology most enhancing the in-store shopping experience.

            2020 Winner:


            Best Location DATA Platform

            Awarding the leading location-based services technology for consumer marketing.

            2020 Winner:



            2019 Winner:


            best attribution tool

            Awarding the attribution tool that has been most effective in highlighting the effectiveness of multiple channels.

            2020 Winner:


            Best Affiliate MARKETING PLATFORM

            Awarding the leading platform for advertisers or publishers looking to drive their affiliate revenues.

            2020 Winner:


            Best E-Commerce Technology

            Awarding the technology best enhancing the online shopping experience.

            2020 Winner:


            Best Sales Automation Tools & Platform

            Awarding the best sales automation tools that help manage the sales process and minimize the manual effort.

            2020 Winner:



            2019 Winner:


            BEST Native advertising platform

            Awarding the leading recommendation and native advertising platform for increasing ad revenue and user engagement.

            2020 Winner:


            2019 Winner:

            Best Monetization Platform for Publishers

            Awarding the platform that allows publishers to monetize via relevant, highly contextualized ads.

            2020 Winner:



            2019 Winner:


            Best Event Platform

            Awarding the best platform for hosting events.


              Best Subscription Platform

              Awarding the leading subscription platform for media companies to drive engagement, loyalty and revenue.

              2020 Winner:


              Best Customer Data Platform

              Awarding the CDP that has been most successful in helping businesses manage customer data.

              2020 Winner:



              2019 Winner:


              Best Digital/Social Video Management Platform

              Awarding the platform that most efficiently manages and displays content across digital or social channels.


                Best Connected TV/Streaming Video Management Platform

                Awarding the platform that most efficiently manages and displays content across connected TV or streaming services.


                  Best Data Management Platform

                  Awarding the platform that has been most successful in helping businesses manage user data.


                  2020 Winner:



                  2019 Winner:



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                  Aleksey Baksheyev

                  CTO, HEAD OF PRODUCT

                  COMPLEX NETWORKS


                  Matt Delbridge

                  CREATIVE LEAD

                  MADE THOUGHT


                  Isabel Kantor

                  SVP, TECHNOLOGY



                  Michael Lanyon

                  EVP, TECHNOLOGY

                  CRITICAL MASS


                  Adam McClean

                  CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER



                  Allison Murphy

                  SVP, PRODUCT

                  THE NEW YORK TIMES


                  Ariscielle Novicio

                  SVP, TECHNOLOGY

                  NEW YORK POST


                  Ray Romero


                  HEARTS & SCIENCE


                  Will Rompala


                  HEALTH UNION


                  Ebony Shears

                  VP, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT



                  Chantelle Silveira

                  CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER



                  Mark Sturino

                  VP, DATA AND ANALYTICS

                  GOOD APPLE


                  A.R. Tabrizi

                  DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT

                  LEAF GROUP


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                  PAST WINNERS




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                  HOW TO ENTER



                  SELECT CATEGORY


                  Choose category or categories you'd like to enter.




                  ADD DESCRIPTION


                  Enter platform details and answer a few short questions.




                  UPLOAD WORK


                  Upload a case study showcasing your campaign.







                  Submit your entry fee payment online.




                  JUDGING CRITERIA

                  The judges will be looking for companies or campaigns that can clearly demonstrate transparent success over the past 12 months. Our judges are seeking companies or campaigns that have seized challenges and created opportunities.

                  Judges will require evidence to substantiate all entries and this could include details of financial performance, results in terms of KPI, creative evidence in terms of a sizzle reel, still images, or links to the final project. The judges will also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry. Interested in being a judge? Submit your nomination here.

                  THE JUDGING PROCESS

                  Judges will read and pre-score all entry forms, considering any supporting materials submitted. Judges will be asked to give a score for each question within the entry form relating to Digiday's four criteria: innovation, creativity, consumer value, and results. These will be combined to give an overall score for each entry. All judges pre-scores will then be combined and the highest scoring entries will determine the shortlists.


                  All material will remain confidential to the judges, who are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Only the "Credits" section of an entry is subject to be made public.




                  Can I submit from outside the U.S.? 

                  Yes, the Digiday Technology Awards are open globally. 

                  Can I submit without my client's name becoming public?

                  Yes. So long as you leave your client's name out of the 'Credits' section located at the bottom of the entry form, they will not be made public alongside your name. 

                  What parts of my entry are made public?

                  The only information that is ever publicized is the 'Credits' section of your entry, should you be named a finalist or winner. 

                  Should this program be entered like a case study?

                  Yes. The suggestion is for this program to be entered from a cast study perspective. So, using our prompts to prove how X client was able to achieve Y through the use of your platform.

                  What is the eligibility period?

                  The eligibility period spans the 12 months prior to the June Early Deadline date and ends on the Early Deadline.  

                  Can I edit my submission after the deadline?

                  No. Your submission must be completed in its entirety by the deadline date. There will be no re-accessing submissions after payment. 

                  Whose contact information should we include on the entry form?

                  We use the included contact information for all updates regarding your entry. You should also include a secondary contact & email address in case we aren't able to connect with you.

                  What if my company or a competitor has a judge on the jury panel?

                  We recuse judges from scoring any categories their company or a direct competitor submits to. 

                  When and how are finalists announced?

                  The shortlist will be announced on Digiday.com. The specific date will be included within the confirmation email received post entry. All entrants will be notified, whether you are named a finalist or not, via the email address you included on your entry. 

                  When and how are the winners announced?

                  All winners are announced virtually via a live ceremony. The exact date will be announced with the shortlist. 

                  Can I license the use of the Digiday Technology Awards logo?

                  Yes. Our licensing program provides you with the opportunity to further the reach of your win through the use of our seal on your website, via social media, email signatures and more. For more information on the options available, please reach out to our team at awards@digiday.com.


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